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As at Monday 11 May 2020

We are waiting for announcement of Level 2, and am fairly confident Advantage Tennis can keep within any Tennis NZ and Govt regulations, to operate in a safe manner. I am aiming to start our Term 2 winter junior programmes as soon as I can(this week). Will hopefully be able to send out an email with an update when I hear from Tennis NZ.

I can’t wait to see everyone back on the tennis court!


Hi everyone,

While fully respecting the virus, with so many cancellations, we realise the importance of kids being kids and healthy outdoor play, and are striving to keep some sense of normality going amongst this crazy, uncertain time. We totally understand if you would prefer to stay away, but we will attempt to keep tennis fun happening, while adhering to Govt and Tennis New Zealand guidelines, and sensible practise.

Here’s what we are doing/ changing, and what we ask of you – We put these in place to protect ourselves, our coaches, and everyone we come in contact with the wider community.

  1. ARRIVAL TIME – please don’t arrive earlier than your allocated time – this gives anyone at the club beforehand time to leave

  2. UPON ARRIVAL – for kids programmes, kids will go straight to their court – They will be in minimal groups, and have differing court rotations now – to stop kids crossing paths with other groups, as well as only being in proximity to minimal coaches – they will only be rotating between 2 courts.

  3. HAND SANITISER – is at each gate, as well as on court. We are requiring that EVERY child (or adult) that comes in one of the court gates sanitises their hands. And again when leaving, AS A MIMINUM! We recommend also after every ball pickup.

  4. RACKETS – our borrowing rackets are sanitised before and after every session. Please discuss with your child the importance of only touching the racket they are using.

  5. SOCIAL DISTANCING – On court/ within each group, we will be doing our best to be as spread out as much as possible, especially when standing in line. We will use markers to try and make it fun for the kids.

  6. PARENTS – Please be aware of your own social distancing- with your coffee or chat on the sidelines, both on and off the court!

  7. PLAYER OF THE DAY – We will not do a large group “player of the day” presentation – we will distribute player of the day awards within smaller groups.

  8. If you are not attending group sessions, if you could flick me a text or let me know beforehand, it will make my job easier to get the dynamics right within the smaller groups.

  9. PRIVATE LESSONS – will continue as normal for now. Ball baskets will be changed between lessons.

Hope this all makes sense. Am always happy to hear any suggestions etc. We are dealing with the unknown and doing the best we can. It is my goal that if anyone was to walk past the gate and see community-responsible activities happening, (both on and off court), I feel like we could keep some normality going right now. But we all need to make small changes to help this continue, and be safe for all.

Thank you,


at St Heliers Tennis Club 

Advantage Tennis is run by Rachel Clark, supported by a great team of coaches, bringing a combination of fun, learning and experience to the courts at St Heliers Tennis Club:  Brittany Buchanan, Angus Campbell, Matthew Edwards, Mike Moran and Junior Assistants.

We have a very active coaching programme for Adults and Juniors of all ages and abilities. We are based in the awesome location and facilities of St Heliers Tennis Club, in St Heliers, Auckland.

Welcome to our website. The website pages should keep you updated with all our coaching sessions, tournaments and year-round tennis programmes we run at St Heliers, such as:

  • TODDLER TENNIS – new in 2019. tots2tennis
  • our popular adult TENNIS FIT
  • ADULT beginner and refresher sessions every WEDNESDAY NIGHT
  • MUMS CLUB – Thursdays 11-12pm
  • year round junior group sessions
  • our popular adult TENNIS FIT
  • juniors matchplay/ interclub/ squads
  • individual or shared lessons
  • proshop for restring service/ grips etc
  • all and any tennis enquiries