hitting the WALL!!!!!

HIT THE WALL.  Literally.  With a tennis ball.  One the greatest, yet underused, teaching tools for your tennis game is the good ole volley board. Or brick wall/garage door.  Whether you’re 6yrs or 66yrs, there is so much to work on against this commonly found practise partner.  You can do every shot in the book (tho,maybe not lobs),from forehands to serves, to volleys and smashes.  From topspin to slice to footwork,you’re guaranteed to improve if you put in the time against a wall. BUT,be constructive-there’s no point just standing there pooping balls back with no intent.

Practise routines, 2forehands / 3backhands … 1forehand / 1backhand / 1dropshot …. 2volleys / 1volley lob / turn and chase…  Honesty,its limitless.  And nowadays, throw an i pod on and practise to the beat – a song of backhands, a song of forehands and so on – you’ll be improving and having a blast as well   🙂

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