MONDAY Tennis Fit – Aug / Sept

THURSDAY Tennis Fit – Aug / Sept

SATURDAY Tennis Fit – Aug / Sept


 Online bookings are working well, so I’d like to continue using it.

Here is the next 2 months signup for all 3 days of Tennis Fit. I’m giving regulars (and members) time to get their bookings in before opening it up to part-timers etc, so make sure you make your bookings in promptly! And also, cancel asap if you won’t make it please.

I will send a confirmation text for every session to those booked in, usually the day before.

Tennis Fit has become very busy, esp now with no interclub etc. Some sessions are full, but there is a waitist option. Please use it if there says there are no spots free. I will do my best to get you playing, and it allows me to contact you as soon as theres a space.